Silvia Lopez, Esq. obtained her undergraduate degree from St. Mary's College of California in 2002. After graduating college, Ms. Lopez worked as a tenants' rights advocate in Oakland, CA for Sentinel Fair Housing. After a couple of years on the job, she realized the powerful way a law degree could further her passion for social justice, so she moved from Oakland, CA to New York City to obtain her law degree.     

In 2007, she graduated from New York Law School in Manhattan, and in 2008, she moved to Rochester and began practicing law as a criminal defense attorney for the Monroe County Public Defender's Office. While her time at that office was integral to her development as a trial attorney, she decided to open her own boutique criminal law firm in 2013 so she could pursue her passion for defense work on her terms, and with the attention to detail every single client's case deserves.

Ms. Lopez's entire practice still centers upon representing those who have been charged with a crime, parole or probation violation, or vehicle and traffic offense.