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The Law Office of Silvia Lopez is a boutique criminal defense law firm representing individuals who have been charged with a crime or a vehicle and traffic offense, as well as those facing a criminal investigation, probation, or parole violation. Attorney Silvia Lopez has been exclusively practicing criminal law in Rochester, NY since 2008, and she thoroughly enjoys zealously advocating for her clients both in and out of the courtroom.


When you work with The Law Office of Silvia Lopez, you know that your lawyer is a well-respected professional who exclusively practices criminal law, and one who will always personally appear in court on your behalf.

Many larger firms charge exorbitant rates and send inexperienced attorneys to appear in court with their clients. Ms. Lopez, on the other hand, keeps full control of her practice and client costs down by handling all attorney work and court appearances herself. In other words, when you hire The Law Office Silvia Lopez, you always know exactly who will be answering the phone, generating important legal documents for your case, and appearing on your behalf when you go to court: only Silvia Lopez, Esq. Additionally, if a case requires outside expertise— such as the services of a private investigator or legal nurse consultant— Ms. Lopez will hire and work with these individuals to ensure her client is equipped with a complete legal team prepared to tackle the case at hand.

Ms. Lopez feels incredibly grateful to have a career that blends her passion for social justice with her skill set as a detail-oriented person who enjoys being in the courtroom.


Know Your Rights

Ms. Lopez is committed to defending the constitutional rights of her clients. The first step in this process is to speak with a potential client, assess their situation, and determine what legal options are available to them, as well as the relative strengths and weaknesses of those options. This initial phone consultation is provided free of charge because Ms. Lopez believes that every single person is entitled to an objective, professional assessment in order to understand their rights and how they can protect them.


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